MFA Painting,  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

BA Painting,  Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri

San Francisco Art Institute,  San Francisco, California

Northwestern University,  Evanston, Illinois


Present              Professor, Drawing and Painting, University of Hawai’i at Manoa


2017              “Earth to Sky.” Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

2016             “Venus Rising.” Curated by The Dorado Project, The Majestic Theater, Jersey City, NJ

2015             “River’s Edge.”  Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

2014                “Defying Gravity”. Java Studios Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012                “Staring into the Sun.” The Arts at Mark’s Garage, Honolulu, HI

2010                “Excerpts from Shadow Play” H.P. Garcia Gallery, NY, NY

2009                “Shadow Play.” H.P. Garcia Gallery, New York, NY

2008                “Debra Drexler.” Pool Art Fair, Miami Beach, December 5-7, 2007, Curated by Frere Independent

2008                 “Pool of Reflection.” Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY

2008                “Debra Drexler.” Pool Art Fair, curated by Frere Independent, New York, NY

2007                “Debra Drexler.” Pool Art Fair, curated by Frere Independent, Miami Beach

2005                “Lost in Paradise.” Berlinerkunst Project, Berlin, Germany

2005                “Gauguin’s Zombie.” The White Box Annex, Chelsea, New York, NY

2004                “High Art and Low Life.” Gallery 210, University of Missouri St. Louis

2003                “Gauguin’s Zombie.” Schaefer International Gallery, Maui Arts and Cultural Center

2003                “Gauguin’s Zombie: The Miniature Museum.” Xen Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2002                “Gauguin’s Zombie.” Honolulu Museum, (Formerly Honolulu Academy ), Honolulu, HI

2001                “Street Angel/Home Devil.” Foyer Gallery, Leeward Community College, Honolulu, HI

1999                 “Bushlands.” Northern Territory University, Darwin, Australia

1997                “Postcards from Oahu.” Sarratt Gallery, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

1995               “Postcards from Oahu.” CSPS Gallery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1995                “Views from the Inside Out: Paintings 1985-1995.”  Augsberg,   College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1995                “Postcards from Oahu.” Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1995                “Dreams and Hauntings.” Gallery on the Pali, Honolulu, Hawai’i


2017                “Galkyd.” (with Lucas Moran), Gary Giordano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016                “Chroma Current.” (with Edina Fulop) Hawai’i Pacific University, HI

1991                “Fears, Desires, and Being.” University City Library, St. Louis, Missouri                      


2014                “Red, Orange, Yellow.” Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

1992                “New and Visiting Faculty.” University of Hawai’i Art Gallery


2016                “Bringing Brooklyn to Norfolk.” Gallery 21, Norfolk VA

2016               “Sideshow Nation IV: Through the Looking Glass.” Sideshow Gallery, NYC

2016                “Gift Shop.” (4 person exhibit) Van Der Plas Gallery, NYC

2016`            “Lazuli and Small Blue Thing.” Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015                “Summer Salon.” Van Der Plas Gallery, NYC

2015                40@100, Webster College, St. Louis, MO

2015                Architectural Digest Home Show, Artifact Gallery, Piers 92-94, NYC

2015               “Rites of Spring.” Van Der Plas Project Space, NYC

2015               “Art Jam.” Princeton, NJ

2015              “Paper Trail.” Van Der Plas Gallery, NYC

2015               “Sideshow Nation III.” Sideshow Gallery, NYC

2014                Spectrum Art Fair, Artifact Gallery, Miami, FL

2014                  Fridge Art Fair. NYC

2014               “The Intuitionist” The Drawing Center, NYC

2014               “Feral Objects, Creon Gallery, NYC

2013                Fridge Art Fair, New York, NY

2013              “Autour de Frederique Bruly Bouabre.” T&T Artcontemorain, Jarry, Guadeloupe

2013               “Sideshow Nation.” Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013              “Fletcher Exhibition: Socially and Politically Engaged Art, East Tennessee State University Gallery,  Johnson City, TN

2013               “Mixed Media Miniature Show.” Koa Gallery, Honolulu

2013              “It’s a Women’s World”. The Garage, Honolulu HI

2013               “HI/NY”. The Garage, Honolulu, HI

2013                 “Open Spaces.”Galleryonetwentyeight, NYC

2013                  “Creon at Ki.” Curated by Norm Hinsey, NYC

2013                 “Wagmag Benefit.” English Kills Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2012-13          “Sideshow Nation.” Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012               “Flowers for You.” Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, NYC

2012               “From Here to There.” Art Finance Partners Gallery, NYC, Curated byRobert Edelman

2011                “Pink Gallery”.Pink Art Fair, Seoul Korea

2011                 “One of a Kind.” Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge MA

2011                   “Water Aide.” Bone Levine, NYC

2011                  “Wagmag Benefit.” Front Room Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

2011                 “White Box Benefit Exhibit.” White Box, NYC

2011                 “Wonderground.” Dara Schaefer Projects, NYC

2010-11           “Fracking.” Exit Art, New York, NY

2010                “Grace’s Project.” Doors Art Fair, Seoul Korea

2010                “Return to New York.” H.P. Garcia Gallery, New York, NY

2010                 “Escape from New York.” Patterson Art Center, NY, Olympia Lampert, Curator

2010                “Out of Hawai’i.” Pool Art Fair, NY

2009                “Broadthinking.” Bridge Art Fair, New York, NY

2008                “Winter Salon”, Denise Bibro Gallery, New York, NY

2008               ‘”Last Paradise”, Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce Italy

2008                  “Broadthinking”, Bridge Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL

2008                  “Everything Must Go”, Flux Factory, Queens New York

2008                   PSTL Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

2007                “Island to Island”, University of Tasmania, Launceston

2007                 “Island to Island” University of Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia

2006                “Wish You Were Here.” A.I.R., New York, NY

2006                “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XX.”, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HI

2005                “Wish You Were Here.” A.I.R., New York, NY

2005                “Taboo.” Montclair Studio, NJ (juried by Jerry Salz, Senior Critic, The Village Voice  90 selected out of over 1000 entries)

2005                    “Showcase.” The Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, HI

2005                  “Lady Fest.” The Arts at Mark’s Garage, Honolulu, HI

2004                “Good Things, Small Packages.” Maui Arts and Cultural Center, HI

2003                “The Bat Show.” The Arts at Mark’s Garage, Honolulu, HI

2003               “The Beer Museum.” The Arts at Mark’s Garage, Honolulu, HI

2002                “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XVII.”, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HI

2001                “Quality Hearts.” The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI

2001                   “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XVII.”, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HI

2000                 “Arts on Foot.” Eye Gallery, Washington DC

2000                “True Blue.” Salon 5, Honolulu, HI

2000                “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XVI”, Honolulu, HI

1999               “Skin.” University of Tasmania at Launceston, Launceston, Tasmania

1999                “Skin.” Salon 5, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1999               “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XV”, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1998                 “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XIV.” Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1997                 “Original Myths.” Louisville Visual Arts Association, Louisville, Kentucky

1997                 “Pin-Up Artists.” Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1997                  “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XIII.” Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1996                “Philadelphia International Competition in Old City.” Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1996                “Selections from Philadelphia International Competition.”, Deloitte & Touche/ICS Corp.

1996                “Order, Order.” Gallery on the Pali, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1996                “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XII.” Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1996                “Of Splendor and Strength.” Honolulu Hale, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1995                “Aloha Ho’omaluhia XI.” Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1995              “Hera Revisited.” Honolulu Hale, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1995             “Recycle ’95.” Honolulu Hale, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1993-present    “Faculty Exhibitions.” University of Hawai’i Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawai’i

1992                “Women’s Art Exhibition.” U.H. Student Center, Honolulu

1992               “Layers.” Art St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

1992              “Cultural Mirrors.” Art St. Louis, St. Louis Missouri

1991                “Inscape.” Installations One, Los Angeles California

1991                “Making Waves.” Center of Contemporary Art, St. Louis, Missouri

1991               “Visceral Penetrations.” Installations, Los Angeles, California


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Essay by Lisa Paul Streitfeld (freelance critic: Sculpture Magazine, and New York Times)

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